Welcome to the Perth Modernian Society Inc. bringing together

106 years of fellowship, scholarship and learning …

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The Perth Modernian Society

… representing the alumni of Western Australia’s oldest government secondary school Perth Modern School to:

• Preserve and enhance the reputation and traditions of the School among present and former students and staff and
in the community;
• Encourage and assist former students and staff to renew and maintain their associations with the School;
• Encourage and facilitate contact and communication among former students and staff; and
• Advance the School and its current students within the wider community.

Our Services to the School include:
• Involvement and support
• Mentoring students
• Sphinx Scholarships
• Archiving through our Historical and Museum Committee.

Our Services to our Members include:
• Promoting Reunions
• Helping ex-students and staff find one another
• The Perth Modernian e-Newsletter
• The Perth Modernian magazine.

Our Services to the Community include:
• Promoting the quality of the School
• Assistance with educational, heritage and family research.

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